Shepard and Quinton Vision Care
Contact Lens Exam

Contact lenses are FDA regulated medical devices and cannot be dispensed without a current, valid prescription from a doctor.  Since contact lenses are fitted directly on the eye, a routine vision exam along with a more extensive, specialized vision evaluation is required.  A contact lens evaluation consists of three steps:

1. Evaluation: In addition to a comprehensive eye exam, a series of specialized tests and evaluations are performed to establish how well your eyes will adjust to wearing contacts.  Dr. Shepard will determine the type of contact lens to best correct your vision and select the contact lens material and dimensions best suited for your vision correction needs.

2. Activities Assessment: Your lifestyle is also an important factor in evaluating your contact lens needs.  What hobbies and recreational activities do you enjoy?  Do you spend several hours in front of a computer?  Are you an athlete?  How long do you want to wear your contacts before changing them? Dr. Shepard will discuss such questions with you to ensure your lenses suit your lifestyle.

3. Follow-up Fit Check: Dr. Shepard will dispense an initial pair of contact lenses after she has completed her evaluations and assessments.   You will wear the diagnostic or "trial" lenses for about a week and then return to the office for a “fit check” to determine how well you have adjusted to the contact lenses and prescription.