Shepard and Quinton Vision Care
Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive, dilated eye examination will answer many of your questions about your eyes and your vision. The refractive portion of your examination service will determine what lens prescription gives you the most clarity across the spectrum of distances at which your eyes must focus. So, whether in the classroom, at work, playing sports or enjoying leisure time, our goal is to ensure you see clearly in any circumstance.

The dilation portion of your eye examination goes even further in determining the health of your eye. A lifetime of clear vision requires healthy, well-functioning ocular structures.  We will examine the internal and external parts of your eyes as well as test eye muscles and neurological function. Our goal is not only to help you see clearly, but to also take care of your overall eye health, preserving your good vision. For a more detailed look at a comprehensive eye exam go to: American Optometric Association Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination

Comprehensive Eye Exam